Simply pulling the teeth or getting bonds is not enough for severe dental problems. An observation of the elderly shows that they often lose their jaw and facial structure because they lack the right dental implants. There is nothing positive about skipping the process of getting implants because the best ones should save you from the trouble of missing teeth at an elderly age.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an insert that replaces the original tooth at the tooth roots. These implants bond with the bone and are a perfect option when you permanently miss teeth or natural teeth with severe distortion.

Dental implants in Scarborough include materials and titanium that imitate the root of a natural tooth. The artificial tooth secures the replacement, so your entire mouth feels natural and comfortable.

Who gets the best Scarborough dental implants?

Most people are eligible for dental implants because their jaw supports healthy jaw development and growth. However, people with chronic illnesses like diabetes and leukemia are not the best candidates for dental implants. The dentist may recommend surgery or lifestyle changes for smokers and people at risk of a slow healing process.

The dental implant replaces one or more teeth that damage injury, decay, gum disease, or infection. The dental surgeon in Scarborough will discuss all the options involved in replacing the teeth, including installing bridges and dentures. You can trust our team to recommend additional services like replacing a bone graft before proceeding with dental implant surgery.

Preparing for dental implants as Scarborough

The dentist should offer an intensive consultation service that includes a comprehensive examination of your dental state. We will develop a plan to give you good dental health before the procedure and guarantees easy success with the dental implant surgery in Scarborough.

  • Location – We perform all dental implant procedures at the dental office, with professionals who understand the complete science of restorative dentistry.
  • Food and drinks – One can eat a light meal a couple of hours before the procedure. However, it is best not to eat anything if your implantation surgery will have you under sedation.
  • Medication – We will prescribe antibiotics a couple of days before the surgery to prevent inflammation and infection and include special bacterial mouthwashes to support recovery.
  • Lifestyle – Smoking lowers your risk of success with dental implants and slows the healing rate. Talk to the dentist about your lifestyle so that they can place the right protective measures against risk factors like excess weight and high blood pressure, among many more.

Recovery process

It is normal to feel slightly dizzy after a session involving sedation. You may experience swelling, bruising, pain, and minor bleeding for a couple of hours afterward. We will give you medication for the pain and suggest procedures that support healing and make the aftermath more comfortable.

Long-term dental care requires the same dental hygiene as all other regular teeth. Dentistry in Ellesmere gives the best quality of implants, so you do not return with complaints of looseness or dislodged implants. Talk to the best dental implant specialists at 647-265-1363 to determine the best care plan and how we can support your family dentistry at an affordable cost of dental implants.

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