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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

If teeth are lost due to decay, accident or gum disease then implants can be an excellent solution. Here at Dentistry On Ellesmere we can restore your smile and chewing abilities with implants.

What Are Implants?

Implants are tiny screws made of Titanium that are inserted into your jaws. These penetrate the bones beneath the gums and prepare your gums to receive a fixed or removable tooth. Once the implant is fixed into your gum, our dentist will then restore it with a crown, bridge or denture


Why do I need Dental Implants?

Sometimes, when the root of the tooth is decayed, damaged or the supporting bone is lost, it can lead to an infection and further dental problems. Which is why it’s best to be proactive if you think you have gum disease.

How long will it take to insert Dental Implants?

The process can be completed with 6 months.

Why should I go for Dental Implants instead of dentures?

Dentures are extremely helpful in some cases, depending on your dental health and condition. At Dentistry On Ellesmere we suggest treatments and procedures after assessing your dental health, the condition of your teeth, your age, and many other factors. Rest assured, we will suggest the best treatment, whether its implants or dentures. To know more about our Dental Implants, come in for a consultation today at Dentistry On Ellesmere. Call Us Today for an Appointment!!