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White Fillings


Tooth decay and abscesses in the gum tissue can lead to partial or complete loss of teeth. There are various cosmetic procedures available to fill in decayed teeth and at Dentistry on Ellesmere we offer you the latest white fillings treatment.

What is a white filling or composite filling?

Dentists use white fillings to fill a cavity in your decayed or broken tooth before capping or bridging becomes necessary. At first, our dentist would extract the damaged part of the tooth and then ‘fill’ in the missing part of your tooth with a white filling. White Fillings enjoy certain advantages over other fillings types ranging from aesthetics to functionality. Bonding is easier as they are made of materials that are more amiable to the structure and tissue of teeth. White fillings are also known as composite fillings.

Composite Fillings

We get numerous queries regarding white fillings. Here are some FAQs that arise regularly.

How often do I have to get White Fillings?

White Fillings last for many years and can last as long as the old silver amalgam ones

I have silver fillings. Can I change them to white or composite?

All fillings need to be changed periodically. So if you have silver fillings, you can definitely change them to white composite ones However we will generally replace the silver fillings when they are old and breaking down.

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