How often should I have a dental check up?

A reasonable frequency would be two times a year.

If I have my teeth whitened how much whiter will they be?

There will be a noticable difference in the shade of the teeth, however, the degree of teeth whitening will depend on the existing shade.

I can't get dental floss between my teeth. How else can I clean them?

There is no adequate substitute for flossing. You can use different kinds of small toothbrushes or rubber tip, but you should see a dentist to identify the problem and to determine the best solution for you.

I have a baby. At what age should he have his first dental check up?

The first dental check up for an infant should be done between the age of 2 or 3.

My son had a tooth knocked out and I was told to take it to the dentist in milk. Why?

Traumatic injuries to teeth are more common than ever before and they are the most serious of dental conditions.

First, find the tooth and keep it moist while transporting the injured person to the dental office. Distilled water, contact lens solution and milk are considered acceptable liquids to preserve the delicate soft tissue surrounding the root.

Second, the tooth should be replanted immediately or at least within 30 - 60 minutes if possible.

If I have a tooth out, do I need to have a false tooth in the gap to keep the rest from moving?

Yes because your teeth will continue to move and it might cause a serious problem. Speak with your dentist for different affordable options.

Can I stop my teeth being so sensitive to cold things like ice cream?

In general, yes, but you should consult a dentist to see how.

Why do my gums bleed when I brush. Could my toothbrush be too hard?

Yes, but it might also be a problem or gum disease. Your dentist can give you the best advice.