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Kunjan Thakkar

Dr. Kunjan Thakkar - Family Dentist

Dr. Kunjan Thakkar obtained his bachelors degree in dentistry in the year 2010 from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, India. He practised in India for a year and moved to Canada in 2011 to pursue a career in dentistry. He cleared all his Dental Equivalency examinations in 2015. He has been serving the GTA community since then. Dr. Thakkar understands that your health and wellness concerns extend beyond routine dental care. He takes utmost pleasure in his work and makes sure he provides an array of comprehensive services and procedures within the field which includes implants, Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry.

In his free time Dr. Thakkar likes to watch movies and travel. He is a car enthusiast and loves to play cricket.

Dr. Preethi Reddy Sripathi

Medy Pana - Manager ​

Arna Charles - Eskins

Maridel Ada - Dental Assistant