Dental Services



There are basically three types of dentures.


Partial dentures are used when some teeth are still present. They are supported by the gums and teeth. Partial dentures usually require five or six appointments and about two weeks. They help significantly to improve chewing efficiency by filling in the gaps.


Full dentures are made when there are no teeth remaining in either or both upper and lower arches. Like partial dentures it takes 5 to 6 appointments and two weeks to make. Full dentures are supported only by the gums. An excellent esthetic result can be expected as all the teeth are new.


Immediate dentures are made when teeth are being removed the same day the denture is finished. Usually front teeth are removed at the last day so that a person still can smile and eat until the denture is complete. Immediate dentures can be full or partial dentures and take 4 to 6 appointments over two weeks.