When you experience a dental emergency in Scarborough, make sure you can seek a qualified dentistry clinic for 24-hour urgent care in a convenient location. While most local dentists turn away walk-in patients and confine emergency services to regular hours of operation, our team at Dentistry On Ellesmere feels that it's essential to keep our doors open round-the-clock. For this reason, if you need to see your dentist for any issue after hours, you'll find our dentistry clinic waiting with open arms. Count on us for all of the following:

  • Immediate relief from dental pain
  • Over-the-phone pain management techniques
  • 24/7 emergency dentistry
  • Dental surgery after hours
  • Dentistry on holidays, nights, and weekends

What is a Dental Emergency?

Most dentists describe a dental emergency as a painful issue concerning teeth or the soft tissue of the mouth. At Dentistry On Ellesmere, we look at things a bit differently in our effort to provide a better patient experience. Any concern you have about your teeth, gums, or mouth tissue is considered an emergency by our staff- that means that even if you're not in pain, we want you to call us right away for any dental situation that causes you problems, loss of sleep, pain, or discomfort. Common dental emergency we treat include:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Lost or broken dental restorations
  • Dental or soft tissue injury from sports activity or an automobile accident
  • Post dental visit discomfort
  • Severe bleeding in the mouth
  • Any dental emergency in Scarborough

How Long Do I Have to Wait to See a Dentist For an Emergency?

When you choose Dentistry On Ellesmere, you won't have to wait when you need a dental appointment. Call our front desk and let us know that you need an immediate appointment and we'll rearrange our schedule to meet your needs. If it's after hours, don't worry- we're still here for you. We know that patients who have access to emergency dental services have fewer subsequent issues compared with patients denied emergency treatment. Keep our phone number and contact information easily accessible in case of a dental emergency in Scarborough.

Affordable Emergency Dentistry in Scarborough

You'll spend less on urgent care at Dentistry On Ellesmere since we offer full-service treatment in a single location. Part of our commitment to providing superior care includes making sure every patient we see has available options to achieve their smile goals. We'll keep your teeth and gums healthy and attractive with regular checkups, cleanings, and preventive services, as well as numerous options for maintaining a beautiful smile.

Why choose any other dentist when Dentistry On Ellesmere has a reputation as a top-rated dental specialist in your community? See us when you have a dental emergency and remain part of the Dentistry On Ellesmere family for all of the care you need to avoid future cavities. Affordable preventive dentistry can prevent more costly treatment down the line.

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