If you are looking for a family dentist in Scarborough, then you're in the right place now! Dentistry on Ellesmere has more than three decades of experience providing the finest family dentistry in Scarborough. We treat patients of every age, and Dentistry on Ellesmere is uniquely qualified to care for the specific needs of individuals at every stage of life.

Dentistry on Ellesmere accepts insurance and we're flexible with payments. When you factor in the low cost of our services, the exceptional quality of the dentistry services we offer, and our unrivaled patient care and support; you'd be hard pressed to find a better family dentist in Scarborough!

Do I Need a Family Dentist?

It is essential to know that you are getting a family dentist if you are looking for a dentist for the whole family. This might seem like an obvious statement, but it is crucial for the kind of dental services you need. For example, patients with baby teeth have very different oral care needs than, say, a 14-year-old teenager. Conversely, a 14-year-old has very different dentistry needs than a 65-year-old patient. Only a family dentist has the additional training and schooling that's required to treat children and patients at every age.

A general dentist will not have the kind of additional schooling and training that a family dentist has. At the same time, you want to make sure that the family dentist you select has the expertise and experience you need. Think of a family dentist as a general dentist with additional training.

What Does a Family Dentist Do?

Dentistry on Ellesmere has years of experience, so parents know that when they bring their children to our dental clinic, they are getting the best oral treatment possible. Dentistry on Ellesmere offers a wide range of dental services for children and adolescents, including the following frequent family dentistry treatments:

  • Routine teeth cleanings
  • Flouride treatment
  • Cavity prevention/identification and fillings
  • Traditional and Invisalign orthodontics

If you have children, then it is crucial that you select a family dentist because family dentists have the training and the knowledge that's needed to properly identify the natural changes that occur with age and the risk signals that might require further monitoring and preventative oral treatment.

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Regardless of your children's ages, we invite you to bring them into our dental office for their first visit. The sooner you instill the good habit of going to the dentist in your children, the more they will benefit from family dentistry. You'll discover that Dentistry on Ellesmere is a very child-friendly dentistry clinic. From the waiting area to the dentist's chair, our entire staff will do all they can to make your kids perfectly safe and welcome here. Plus, we take the time to educate all of our patients, especially children. Doing so makes children feel more comfortable and trusting of their dentist, and it helps to make known the importance of visits to the dentist as well as at-home oral hygiene.

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