tooth development

Early stages of tooth development

The story of your teeth starts at the eariest stages of life. Before a baby is even born, two sets of teeth have already begun forming under the gums. However, it is not until age 3-7 months that baby teeth first break through the gums. This is known as “teething.” It can take up to 3 years for all baby teeth to fully grow in. Babies and todlers need help learning to take care of their teeth.

Over the next few years, the jaw will grow and make room for adult teeth. At around age 6, baby teeth will begin to fall out. Occasionally, an adult tooth can partially grow in before the baby tooth has fallen out yet! This is perfectly normal. The last baby tooth has usually fallen out by around age 12.

Throughout your life, everyday use will wear down the outer layer of your teeth. This process can be slowed down by following advice from your hygenist and dentist. If taken care of properly, adult teeth can stay strong for your entire life!

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