Home whitening kits

Teeth whitening: Home whitening kits

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic procedure that involves applying a bleaching chemicals to your teeth to get rid of stains. Over time, teeth will yellow naturally due to the enamal thinning to reveal the yellow-tinted inner layer of the tooth, dentin. Food and drinks with strong colouring such as coffee or red wine can also contribute to discolouration. You may whiten your teeth using home kits or by having a dentist professionally whiten your teeth. Here we will describe some of the benefits and drawbacks of home whitening kits.

You can purchase home whitening kits from a drugstore or grocery store for around $50-$200. Some of the kits available include whitening strips, standard sized trays or custom mold trays. These options are convenient for most people as they can be done in the comfort of your own home. Most home teeth whitening can be completed in under two hours per treatment. However, the concentration of bleaching chemicals is low in home kits relative to those used in professional bleaching sessions. Consequently, more treatments will be required. The main drawback for home bleach kits is that fillings, crowns and variations of teeth colour may react to bleach differently. If you have these, ask your dentist about your options to make sure you get the desired result. Finally, when you are using home bleaching kits, make sure to follow the instructions for using the product safely.

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