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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Beverly Hills

90210 Recovery is known to offer the best dual diagnosis treatment in Beverly Hills. It isn’t uncommon for people to have questions regarding our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center and our services.

Common Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dual Diagnosis

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions our facility receives about dual diagnosis recovery and treatments. All other inquiries should be directed to our customer support team.

What is a dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the term for when addiction and mental illness are diagnosed in one patient. More than half of the people suffering from addiction also suffer from the symptoms of mental illness. Let us provide you with dual diagnosis treatment in Beverly Hills.

What is the best dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles?

At 90210 Recovery, each patient is treated with a unique approach that addresses their specific issues. Some patients respond well to psychotherapy, while other patients adjust well to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The diagnosis of each patient is taken into consideration when developing a personalized treatment program.

What are the Beverly Hills, CA, dual diagnosis treatment options?

There are many types of dual diagnosis treatments offered at 90210 Recovery. For starters, holistic therapies are offered, such as yoga and meditation. Other treatment options include Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and medication treatments. Medications can be helpful for patients with significant mental illness symptoms that hinder the quality of their lives.

Does individual and group therapy help people with a dual diagnosis?

Individual therapy and group therapy are both very beneficial to all types of people. Those suffering from addiction and mental illness find treatment as a way to release their inner emotions. Group therapy isn’t an option for everyone, but it can help patients realize that they are not alone. Sometimes, it is helpful to know that someone else has been down the same road.

What do I do after I leave 90210 Recovery?

Once you have completed the treatment programs offered by our facility, you should start making small lifestyle changes. Avoid falling back into the same patterns and behaviors. Seek out new friends with people in your outpatient treatment programs. Follow up with your treatments for your dual diagnosis. Take pride in every action that you take in life. Call for help when you feel like you might be susceptible to old addictive habits.

Can I continue taking my medications at 90210 Recovery?

Yes, most patients can continue their medication routines. Our staff members will confiscate medications until an evaluation is made for the patient. Each patient can expect to be examined by trained medical staff.

Who has access to my treatment information?

At 90210 Recovery, we do whatever we can to protect the privacy of our patients. HIPPA laws protect the privacy and confidentiality of all patients that come to our facility.

Speaking With an Addiction Specialist

For all other questions about dual diagnosis treatment options at 90210 Recovery, you should reach out to us by calling 844-462-8571. Interested parties can also fill out an online contact form here to learn more details.

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