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Are you searching for places that offer dermal fillers in Midtown? NSS Dermatology PLLC is the #1 treatment facility for general and cosmetic dermatology in New York with an excellent panel of highly experienced doctors.

What is a dermal filler?

Facial fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that helps soften wrinkles. The treatment can take up to an hour, and usually requires local anesthesia. You may experience some swelling, mild discomfort, and bruising for 5-7days after the procedure. Some patients may require touch-up injections after the swelling reduces to garner the best results. The length of treatment results depends upon your skin type, the severity of the wrinkles, and the filler used.

While dermal fillers are primarily for treating wrinkles, these also help treat smile lines, plump up the lips, and reduces the appearance of scars. The most widespread types of dermal fillers in use include:

– Calcium hydroxylapatite (lasts for 18 months)

– Collagen (lasts for up to 4 months)

– Hyaluronic acid (last for 6 to 12 months)

– Poly-L-lactic acid (lasts for two years)

– Polymethylmethacrylate beads (the results are permanent)

Are dermal fillers safe?

As with any treatment, facial fillers also comes with risks. However, if you choose to get your dermal fillers from an experienced and well-trained dermatologist, you can minimize the risk significantly. Some of the rare risks associated with dermal fillers include allergic reaction, bleeding, or bruising at the injection site, infection, irregularities in the contours, firmness, and surface of the skin.

As a general rule, we don't recommend dermal fillers for individuals with suppressed immune systems or for those who are on blood-thinning medications. Nevertheless, the percentage of patients who experience side effects or complications with dermal filler treatment is extremely low.

Cost of dermal fillers

On average, the cost of dermal fillers depends upon the type of filler used, the experience of the doctor, where you live, the type of treatment facility, etc. Cost of getting a calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) filler can cost $650 – $700, and collagen filler can cost $1,900 – $2,000.

The other popular types of dermal filler treatments, such as the hyaluronic acid can range between $600 and $700, and poly-L-lactic acid can cost $700 – $800. At our skin clinic, we offer the most affordable dermal fillers in Midtown.

Types of dermal fillers

There is a variety of dermal fillers, and the most popular kind is the Hyaluronic acid filler, also known as Juvederm. It helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles for up to 1 year.

Another common kind of filler is the Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers (Radiesse), and these help contour the jawline, treats deeper wrinkles, and skin folds. These also restore volume in the cheeks, and the results last for up to one year when used for contouring, and three years when used to treat wrinkles.

At NSS Dermatology PLLC, we offer dermal fillers in Midtown that offer instant results and involves zero recovery time. Call us at 212-991-6490 for appointments or visit

dermal fillers Midtown

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