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Dental Implant Surgery Saskatoon

Whether you are missing a single tooth, a row of teeth, or several teeth at different points in your mouth, you may be considering dental implant surgery in Saskatoon. Dental implants are the best option for people with missing teeth, but Fresh Dental would like to tell you upfront that dental implants are not the cheapest solution for people with missing teeth.

How Much Does Dental Implant Surgery Cost?

The fact is; there is no way that we can tell you the cost of dental implants or even give you a ballpark estimate without evaluating your mouth. Why? Each patient is different, and each patient has different needs. For example, some patients may require bone grafting, and certain patients may want implants for different purposes. At the same time, some people can afford to pay for the best products and treatments, while others may be extremely limited in their financial capacity.

Where to Get Dental Implant Surgery

It should also be stated that only a small handful of dental clinics are able to provide dental implant surgery. Since it is a surgery, anesthesia must be administered, and this requires special licensing and advanced dental schooling - schooling and licensing that most dentists don't have. Fresh Dental is proud to offer dental implant surgery in Saskatoon in addition to a whole host of dental services.

What does Dental Implant Surgery do?

A dental implant is essentially a titanium post that gets drilled down into the jaw bone. This implant serves as a full-on tooth replacement. The bone in the jaw will actually begin to grow around the implant, exactly how it would on a regular tooth. This is important because one of the biggest problems with missing teeth - from strictly a health and wellness standpoint - is that of bone loss.

When you lose a tooth, that is only the tip of the iceberg - the part of the damage that you can see. Next, the bone that held your tooth in place begins to recede. This will affect the surrounding teeth and lead to them falling out in due time as well. Therefore, a dental implant stops further bone and tooth loss from occurring. A dental implant literally serves as a tooth replacement.

What are Dental Implants Used for?

Dental implants are like anchors. You never see them because they are embedded into your jaw bone. The part that you see is a carefully crafted artificial tooth that is attached to the anchor. Of course, you may opt for All on 4 dentures or an artificial tooth. All on 4 denture implants are great for people who are missing rows of teeth, and artificial teeth are ideal for people missing a tooth here and there.

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Dental Implant Surgery Saskatoon
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