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Calgary Emergency Dentist

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Need a Calgary Emergency Dentist:

Mistake #1: Thinking your dental emergency isn’t important enough to be seen right away. The fact is any dental injury or condition that causes you pain is considered an emergency and should be seen by a dentist immediately. If you’ve suffered a tooth injury that is not causing you pain, it still needs to be seen promptly. Chinook Dental Studio offers immediate care for dental injuries and painful conditions. Please call the Chinook Dental Emergency number at 403-252-1404 to speak with the staff about getting you in to see a dentist.

Mistake #2: Thinking your dental pain will go away if you do nothing about it. In most cases, pain is an indication that something is not right, and the situation will almost always get worse if you do nothing. You should request an immediate appointment with a dentist if you have a knocked out or chipped tooth, a cracked or broken tooth, a tooth that is loose, a bitten lip or tongue, an infection or abscess of the gums, a toothache, or a loose restoration, such as a filling, bridge or crown. It’s essential that your dentist makes a diagnosis and provides urgent dental care to alleviate your pain and repair any broken dental work or issues with your teeth.

Mistake #3: Not wanting to disturb the schedule of a Calgary Emergency Dentist. The fact is that most dentists schedule somewhat loosely in the event that an emergency patient should come in for treatment. If you’re currently seeing a dentist whose schedule is so tight that you feel like you’re a part of a cattle drive, we warmly invite you to see why Chinook Dental Studio is a beloved dental provider in the Calgary area. Dentists at Chinook Dental always have time to take care of a patient with a dental injury or one who is in pain.

Mistake #4: Making an appointment with a dentist who is not conveniently located. When you're in pain, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. You may be thankful you were able to find a dentist who tells you to come right in, only to find that they’re an hour away. Chinook Dental is conveniently located on Macleod Trail in Calgary, so wherever you happen to be, their office is just a short drive to be seen by their emergency dentist. Call 403-252-1404 and let Chinook Dental’s staff know you’re experiencing a dental emergency. They’ll take it from there.

Chinook Dental will take great care of you- and your teeth- when you schedule an urgent appointment with their Calgary Emergency Dentist. A referral is never needed to be seen by a dentist, and new patients are always welcome. Don’t suffer with tooth pain needlessly when Chinook Dental is open for urgent visits. Make the call that will ensure you get the proper treatment after an injury or dental emergency.

Calgary Emergency Dentist
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