Vaping Is Not Only Bad For Your Health But Also For Your Teeth

In recent years electronic cigarettes and vaping devices have become very popular. Serious lung illness has now been linked to vaping and in the last month federal officials reported an estimated 400 cases. Some people have been put on a ventilator with acute illness.

From a dental stand point vaping devices present risks such as the development of gingivitis which causes inflammation of the gums. The components in vaporized nicotine can form a bacterial breeding ground along the gums which contribute to the advanced stage of gingivitis called periodontal disease.

Some products can even soften the tooth enamel and adhere to saliva in the mouth and create a place for bacteria to settle in the teeth and in between the teeth.

Even though the exact ingredients used to vaporize nicotine are not known, one of the ingredients is propylene glycol which is also used in antifreeze.

Propylene glycol and other chemicals used can lead to dry mouth and throat which contribute to tooth decay. They can soften the enamel which increases the development of tooth decay or cavities.

The American Chemical Society concluded that the chemicals in vaping increase the risk of cancer because they contain carcinogens that cause DNA changes that lead to cancer.

Vaping has been promoted as being a healthier choice to smoking, but e-cigarettes are not safe!

High Acidity Drinks Can Damage Young People’s Teeth

A warning has been issued by researchers at the University of Adelaid that lifelong damage is caused to teeth from drinks with high acidity.

Dental researchers warn parents of the dangers of sports drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices and other drinks high in acidity that can cause irreversible damage.

The study has also shown that permanent damage to teeth occurs within just 30 seconds after consumption of high acidity drinks which is long before tooth brushing or rinsing can be done.