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Porcelain Veneers

PROBLEM: Leslie neglected her teeth when she wore braces, which left here with stained enamel. She wanted to improve her smile without returning to braces.

SOLUTION:Direct bonding on six upper teeth in one visit masked the discoloration and reshaped teeth, giving a big boost to Leslie’s smile and confidence.



PROBLEM:Myrna was missing teeth on the upper left side and had worn, discolored teeth with an old bridge on the upper right side. She wanted a new smile without a partial denture.

SOLUTION:Myrna’s smile was recreated using implants on the upper left side, new fixed bridges on the upper left and right sides and veneers on her four front teeth.


Tooth Whitening

PROBLEM:Unhappy with the way her teeth had darkened over time, Monique wanted to bring back the whiteness of her smile.

SOLUTION:Upper and lower teeth were whitened using a home whitening system. Great results were achieved in just two weeks.


All Porcelain Crown

PROBLEM:Brenda did not like the appearance of the crown on her upper right incisor. It looked too opaque and had a dark shadow at the gum line.

SOLUTION:Brenda’s old crown was removed and replaced with a new, all porcelain crown that allows light to shine through it, preventing the shadow.


Porcelain Veneers

PROBLEM:Jim was not happy with the gap between his front teeth. He felt it gave him a “goofy” smile.

SOLUTION:Four porcelain veneers were applied to close up the space and give Jim a more mature smile.

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