Scarborough Digital X-rays

Advanced Digital X-Rays At Our Dental Office

Digital X-Rays or also known as Digital Radiography is an effective way to conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. It gives a clear picture of your dental health and helps our dentist to treat you effectively. This allows us to exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that will put their dental health as a priority. The latest technology helps in locating dental problems like gum abscess, teeth cavity, endodontics, root damage and many other issues that are invisible to the naked eye.

Benefits of using Digital X-rays:

Apart from being more effective and accurate, Digital X-rays have more benefits over traditional x-rays:

  • A very large image which is easy for the dentist to interpret
  • Lower doses of radiation.
  • Instant image which aids in quicker treatment.
  • Excellent way for patients to see their own teeth on a large screen
  • Great educational tool for patients to learn about their own teeth

Here are some FAQs that pop up regularly.

Q: Are Digital X-Rays safe for me?

A:    Digital x-rays use very low doses of radiation making it a safer option and usually use one third to one half the radiation of the old small film x-rays.

Q: What about kids? Are Digital X-Rays safe for my child too?

A: Digital X-Rays are completely safe for children.   Our team at Dentistry on Ellesmere takes adequate precaution before a digital x-ray procedure is carried out on all our patients and reduce  the amount of radiation for children.

Q: How many times am I required to take digital x-rays?

A: Our dentists will only conduct a digital x-ray when it’s needed. A digital x-ray may be required when you come in to the clinic for the first time as part of your complete oral exam.  The images of the x-ray go into your medical file so we can refer back to it, and provide you the best  dental  treatment.

Q: How much radiation  results  from x-rays?

A:  An adult series of x-rays is equivalent to one day of radiation in the sunshine,  a single x-ray is just the equivalent to 30 minutes in the sunshine.


In an Dental Emergency

Fractured Jaw: Go to a hospital emergency immediately!

Tooth Knocked Out: See us within 30 minutes.

Broken, Chipped or Loosened Tooth: Call us for an appointment, even if you are not in any pain.

Abscess or Toothache: See us as soon as possible. If you have any questions on what to do when a dental emergency occurs, speak with Dentistry On Ellesmere today!

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